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At Salem Botanicals, we take pride in offering the highest quality products at fair prices.  We have a wide range of natural herbal products including herbal teas, essential oils, dietary supplements and over 100 different varieties of dried herbs / fruits / berries. We also carry a variety of organic herbs, beauty and skin care products, syrups and more, which you can see in our shop.

Each product is made from the finest, all natural ingredients. We grow our herbs ourselves and constantly monitor soil conditions to ensure that the active ingredients in our products reach their peak. We test our herbs for micro-bacteria and heavy metals using our in-house microbiology laboratory. With our high-tech manufacturing facility we maintain total control over every step our products pass through before being offered for sale. We even package the products and print our own labels! So you see, we’re completely invested in the fine herbal products we offer to you, from start to finish.

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Herbal Remedy Guide: Comfrey Root

When you search for herbal remedies, there are several common, well-known solutions like chamomile, St. John’s wort, and ginger. These have been time-tested and widely researched in the medical world. In recent decades, however, we’ve lost several powerful treatments...

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Product Spotlight: Hemor Cream

Salem Botanicals is proud to offer our Hemor Cream, one of the most advanced products in our catalog. This unique herbal blend is an effective treatment for inflammation and irritation, making it the perfect solution for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in...

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Using Bee Products for Natural Remedies

We associate bees with a lot of things: honey, hives to avoid, and fear of an allergic reaction from bee stings. What many don’t know is that bees can provide a huge host of effective health benefits. With a little bit of knowledge and testing, bees can provide us...

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Herbal Ailment Guide: Headaches

There’s nothing worse than a headache that just won’t quit. The consistent pulsing and light sensitivity are enough to ruin anyone’s day, and standard anti-inflammatory pills often don’t do anything. But we’ve been treating headaches for generations, and over the...

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Get to Know Us: The Salem Botanicals Facilities

At Salem Botanicals, we believe that great remedies can only come from a great place. That’s why we’ve spent the last 10 years investing in our facilities and creating a healthy workplace that’s engrained with nature. Spanning 32 acres, Salem Botanicals isn’t just a...

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Herbal Remedy Guide: Anxiety

Persistent anxiety can be one of the most common mental health barriers in modern life. Anxiety comes in two forms: everyday anxiety, and an anxiety disorder. Anyone can experience anxiety at any time that is triggered by their emotions and external issues. However,...

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Wholesale and Small Runs for Retailers

We offer both retail products to the general public and wholesale products to the industry. We’re a full-scale growing and milling facility, complete with a state-of-art microbiology lab. Because we are growers and manufacturers, we are able to provide small runs to retailers so there is no need to purchase and warehouse thousands of bottles of product. We want to build up long-lasting relationships with each retailer that we provide bulk herbal products to and make every effort to ensure your satisfaction and success.