Sandra Stevens

Love this product and have used it all up. It taste good and I was able to use the tea bags several times.



After receiving this tea, I began to savor my cup – a – day, only to find after a few days that my box was quickly emptying. Turns out my husband had “found” it too, and was enjoying a cup a day as well, to the exclusion of our myriad other teas. This tea just feels good, tastes earthy and smooth, and has an energy of being healthful. Ordered four boxes the second time around.



So glad I ordered this tea! Just smooth, delicious tea with the benefit of Chaga! I have 2-3 cups a day and I feel like I am on top of the world! The health benefits are all in the tea and I think it is one of the better things I can do for myself!


Margaret B

This stuff tastes good! I drank up to 2 cups a day and when literally everyone around me was sick as dogs recently with a cold/flu bug that was going around, I was the ONLY one who didn’t get sick! I highly recommend this tea. It tastes good and is definitely good for you!


“Serious Musician”

A medicine that actually tastes good. My wife likes the flavor as well. This traditional, proven folk medicine has been used for many generations. I learned about Chaga from an old Indiana “herb healer” that was locally famous for his miraculous results. I was glad to find the genuine, real thing in an easy to use tea bag. I love AMAZON for bringing such hard to find items like Chaga Tea to my finger tips.

This tea is the same as if I was back in Indiana harvesting Chaga in the woods. Just much easier! Thanks Salem Botanicals & Amazon. I just ordered more.


Charnita Fance  

This is definitely a keeper; I will be ordering more! The flavor isn’t the best…. it’s hard to explain. It’s light and kind of woody (that’s the word that comes to mind). However, it’s not horrible. I usually mix it with another type of flavored herbal tea to help give it a more pleasant flavor. This tea, in addition to other changes that I’ve been making in my diet, has really been working well for me and helping me to feel better. My mood is better. My aches and pains have decreased tremendously. My skin has been improving – dark spots diminishing and hormonal breakouts have decreased. Like I said, this is in conjunction with other products, so I can’t attest to the exact things that the tea is doing, but it definitely isn’t hurting!


Mike M

After doing research on herbal teas, I decided to add this Chaga tea to my collection. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the tea and the taste. I don’t add anything to it. Instead of the multiple espressos in the morning to get me going, I now drink a cup of this tea and I am full of energy and my immune system is nourished as well. This is kind of a miracle tea. Energy plus immunity — what more could one desire? I am now going to order some more. I can’t seem to keep these boxes around for very long. My method is to steep the bag for 10 minutes. It has a dark (coffee-like) appearance and a slight vanilla taste. Simply the best tea there is IMHO.



Love the taste and feeling the energy! I like it hot plain as well as iced with sugar and mint. Definitely recommended.


Julia A. Robinson

I read about the benefits of chaga tea on a facebook post which got me researching the product. I ended up choosing this product and I was a little skeptical when I ordered it. Turns out that it tastes great and works wonders. I have sent a couple bags home with a friend who was really sick and he said it fixed him right up and helped him recoup from the flu. For me at home, this tea got me through the flu season unscathed. At the first sign of a flu or cold I would have a cup of this tea 2 or 3 times daily for a couple days and it works. We also like to add a couple bags when we make pitchers of icetea. Keeps us feeling healthy and on top of things! I am stocking up on this product today because I know it works and it tastes great.



Nothing much to say other than I like it. Very convenient. I take it during the latter part of the day like after lunch. I add it to my instant decaf for a pick me up. I take my chaga extract drops when I wake up with a glass of water. I also bought a can of powdered chaga but I’m confused with instruction. So this chaga tea is my favorite. Its convenient, and I also like drinking it by itself like a real tea with just some stevia. Taste-wise its mildly earthy when you drink it by itself but the flavor blends quite well once you mix it with coffee. There’s still a mild hint of it but its tolerable almost unnoticeable. After a while you get used to it. No problem with the seller. It was on time. The packaging was intact.


“was not a scar”

This is a very good tasting and healthy tea to drink. It’s better than it sounds. I took a gamble, but it’s worth the price.


Patricia A. Cunliffe

Chaga tea has a lot of health benefits and it has a nice mild taste. I would purchase this produce again.


Susan Salmon

I bought one for myself and a friend! I heard really good things about this product and love that it is in a tea form!


Brand DeKerk

Like the other person said, it’s got an “Earthy” taste to it, but that’s to be expected, since it’s a fungus that grows on birch trees. Personally, not a huge fan of plain chaga tea, but it goes good with coffee. Would recommend, and if I still can’t find any birch trees around I’ll definitely be buying again.



This also has rose hips in it and hibiscus, both very good for your immunity. It also uses just a touch of stevia for sweetness – very very small amount – a nice alternative to anything that might have caffeine.



I mainly drink green tea and when my sister told me of this, I had to try it after researching it and seeing all the benefits it has. I’m not a soda, or coffee drinker at all, so tea has always been my choice, along with water. I know some reviewers didn’t like the taste, I saw no problem with it. To me, it is very pleasant tasting.


“Magnificient Ottoman”

I got hooked on this tea while I was in Turkey. They actually use actual linden leaves in hot water which leaves such a nice taste and aroma. This tea has a very distinct and soothing taste which I like. Although it is not as strong as I remember this tea it still satisfies.


Leila (CO, USA)

I did not know about Linden tea before I watched Turkish movie. Whenever they could not sleep or were stressed out they drink linden tea. I thought to give a try. I love it. Very relaxing and calming. Works better than chamomile tea for me.



This is very good for finger joint problems…. I am a massage therapist and use it on my finger joints when they are swollen and hurting…. I would definitely recommend this product.


Irina Avkh

Works subtly but efficiently. This is the phyto variety of Valocordin, without phenobarbital, which is the main ingredient for the regular Valocordin. I recommend it for mild sleep disorders.


“willief” (USA)

Every one sells it for way more money. This is the best price on WEB!!!! Now I can sleep well and be calm.


Richard W. Ryan

I really enjoy this tea in the evening with a little local honey. Tasty and relaxing! Better tasting that other tea’s I’ve tried for the same purpose.