We guarantee the best quality of services and customer care.

Custom Growing

We offer our services of planting and harvesting herbs especially for your needs. We have the most qualified cultivation personnel and the equipment necessary to successfully grow any herb requested.

  • Our leading harvesting standards, growing methods, and extensive experience ensure that our clients receive the best quality organic herb products.
  • We check that the herbs are carefully separated, dried, and washed for purity and vitality.
  • Our special greenhouses provide humidity and climate control.
  • All harvested herbs are checked for  quality, freshness, and potency before shipment.

Collage of 3 photos showing fields, a tractor in a field and a greenhouse interior with plants


Our Manufacturing Capabilities

New Product developmentWoman in laboratory pouring liquid from one glass containter into another.
Our highly trained team can develop a multitude of herbal products based on your specification at a very reasonable cost. Product development includes but not limited to:

  • Formulation
  • Testing
  • Packaging design
  • Marketing presentation
  • Labeling

Our Elenco 8 semi-automatic capsule filler can accommodate all your capsule making needs, offering a variety of gelatin or vegicap options. We offer low minimums of only 25,000 capsules per order, so no order is too small.

Liquid Extraction
With our latest European liquid extraction technology by Timatic™, we are capable of producing both alcoholic and non alcoholic extracts from ½ gallon (2 liters) up to 18 gallon (70 liters) within 1 business day.

Liquid Concentration/Evaporation
We can concentrate any liquid extract using our Heidolph 5 liter evaporator. Hydrolytes from fresh plants and flowers can also be yielded from this machine.

Suppository Making
With our state of the art robotic dispensing system and quality Wecobee© base, we have the capacity to produce superior suppositories formulated to your specification.

Creams and Ointments
Our knowledgeable scientists and formulation specialists will help you to develop your product from concept thru completion

Bulk Tea and Herbs Packaging
Salem Botanicals has all the necessary equipment to package bulk tea into both customized pouches and boxes.

Teabag Packaging
Our new teabag machine allows us to utilize our expertise to formulate your unique blend of tea.

Person in lab using large syringe

Quality Control

  • We guarantee the privacy of all formulas.
  • We prepare each formula using fresh herbs, carefully measuring each ingredient according to your specifications.
  • We carry out the full cycle of your product’s preparation. This includes gathering the ingredients, then extracting, milling, mixing, blending or cutting as needed, and packaging and labeling.
  • No additives are used in our products, so they are guaranteed to be of the highest purity.
  • Potential customers that we offer our services to include: herbalists, medical doctors who use natural products, healing centers, and herbal pharmacies.
  • Our specially trained lab technicians are equipped to handle state-of-the-art machinery in our laboratory and herbal preparation facilities. All finished products are packaged carefully and evenly, and labeled with precision, ensuring that the quality of the packaged product is flawless.

We look forward to working with you.