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People in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia have been dyeing their hair with henna for centuries, but their mixes were unknown in the west. Using henna to color hair is a great natural alternative to synthetic dyes, simple to get sensational results. Salem Botanical’s Burdock infused line of hair oil supports healthy hair and scalp.

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  • Henna Colorless Hair Products

    Henna Colorless

  • Henna Red Hair Products

    Henna Red

  • Henna Black Hair Products

    Henna Black

  • Burdock Oil Hair Products

    Burdock Oil

  • Burdock + Capsicum Oil Hair Products

    Burdock + Capsicum Oil

  • Burdock + Nettle Oil Hair Products

    Burdock + Nettle Oil

  • Burdock + Seabuckthorn Oil Hair Products

    Burdock + Seabuckthorn Oil