Our Customers

Salem Botanical Corp. specializes in custom manufacturing of herbal products. We help small startup companies and individuals to develop a wide variety of products such as packaged herbs, liquid extracts, tinctures, teas, capsules, creams, gel, suppositories, patches and more.

One of our First customers was Sanda Corp. (www.sanda.us).  It’s owner, Vlatko, is an amazing herbal practitioner who has European roots and unbelievable healing power using his old family recipes.  For almost 10 years we have been meticulously producing his products.

Raw Forest Foods has been with us for almost a half decade (www.rawforestfoods.com).  Raw Forest offers a large variety of products which have been successfully sold on e-commerce sites for many years.

For many years our customer Dr. Sergey Weller manufactured with us quite a few interesting products which he successfully advertises and sells throughout European communities all across America.

SAYAN Health Inc. specializes in chaga mushroom products (www.sayanchaga.com).  We manufacture creams, capsules, and teas with chaga.

If you are looking for Certified Organic product, checkout  Garrison Design, LLC from Rhode Island – (www.calm-a-mama.com). These wonderful products for kids and their moms will not leave you without interest.