Shopping for natural remedies can be stressful at times. There is so much information, so many sources, so much expertise, and so little time to digest it all, you can find yourself paralyzed by the choices. Who do you trust with your health? What companies do you buy from?

At Salem Botanicals, we have a recommendation on the best way to find the right source for your herbal remedy needs: size. When selecting your herbal remedy, always look at the company producing it, and then look at the size of that company. With many  other products and services, you’d typically want a larger company for a low-risk shopping experience. . However,  with herbal remedies, it’s the opposite. You want a smaller organization that’s run with more oversight, accountability, and attention to detail. There are two main reasons behind this thinking: logistical and personal.

FDA Regulation for Herbal Products

Logistically, herbal remedies are controlled by regulation. To ensure that all products are safe, healthy, and effective, the FDA enforces strict guidelines for ingredients and production. Not only does the herbal remedy need to be safe for consumption, but it also needs to do everything you read on the bottle or packaging. The FDA enforces these guidelines by threatening to fine non-compliant companies.

For a major, multi-state conglomerate one of those fines is, at worst, a brief headache. Meanwhile, for a small organization or a family-owned company, one of those fines would be crippling, possibly putting the company out of business altogether. This is why smaller companies are especially incentivized to invest in quality control and testing and to make both a cornerstone of their business model.

Natural Remedies are in the Family

Then, there’s the personal level. You want a company that’s accountable and brings a human touch to the production of natural remedies. Herbal remedies are difficult to produce; it requires expertise, communication, and dedication. It helps when a close-knit team collaborates to put in that work and bring the best possible products to market. These remedies are rooted in traditional and shared knowledge, and today’s products should be created with warmth and energy.

Salem Botanicals is a family-owned company founded in 2005. Our team of 12 people prioritizes testing and the highest caliber of quality control. Together, we leverage decades of scientific expertise and traditional knowledge. We’re proud to be a lean, dedicated company  that provides the finest quality of herbal remedies.