At Salem Botanicals, we believe that great remedies can only come from a great place. That’s why we’ve spent the last 10 years investing in our facilities and creating a healthy workplace that’s engrained with nature.

Spanning 32 acres, Salem Botanicals isn’t just a building. Our research facility includes rolling grasslands, fields, dense woodland, and even a 1 million gallon fishing pond. To relax and center ourselves, our team fishes for bass, carp, and catfish without ever leaving our campus. We’ve taken care to not bulldoze over nature to build our facilities – we work within a rich, thriving ecosystem. We want to bring the vibrance of nature to every capsule, ointment, and tea. In developing our remedies, we’ve been careful to never lose touch with the history, bounty, and interconnectivity of the natural world.

Salem Botanicals Loves Bees

What’s another defining feature of our workspace? Bees. That’s right, Salem Botanicals boasts 10 fully occupied bee houses. This provides us with natural, on-site production of beeswax, royal jelly, and honey. In fact, our hives produce over 1,000  pounds of honey per season. But they’re not just a resource to us; our team takes special care to provide our bees with only the best treatment. We constantly monitor their living conditions and plant a wide range of flowers, clovers, mustard, and buckwheat to keep their diets diverse and healthy.

Another point of pride is our experimental fields. We maintain several small fields to experiment with new herbs and combinations in 100% organic conditions. This allows us to constantly push the bounds of what our treatments can do while ensuring all new products are developed in a pesticide-free environment.

Salem Botanicals Greenhouses

For all of our herbs grown on premise, we use a special facility to ensure complete temperature control. Over 5,000  square feet of crops are kept below 60 degrees in an enclosed space through winter and summer. This allows us to ensure complete protection against bugs without resorting to pesticides.

Finally, there’s the facility itself. Salem Botanicals combines the dedication of a family business with the robust capabilities of a major production effort. We’ve invested in only the finest equipment for the production and testing of remedies, including a high-quality liquid extract, cold press, operator, and suppository machine. The facility is staffed by a dedicated, experienced, and tight-knit team of 12 employees. We  aren’t just coworkers – we’re a family, all deeply invested in the mission and philosophy of Salem Botanicals.

Learn more about Salem Botanicals and reach out if you have any questions about our facilities, our products, or how we ensure that every product is safe, pure, organic, and effective.